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“Get out before its too late (7 days) or your honeymoon will become a vacation”
– I truly believe this if you’re a honeymooner traveling to Maldives….Hi im Yasin your Maldives expert-Here’s the true story behind how I became a honeymoon expert to Maldives…: I got married… Period… :-)So I let my wife decide where we go and hide for a bit before the tyrants(clients, parents, friends..etc etc) come after us.Decide she did…Maldives! What an unique place…!
Water Villas – Seriously…”are they that short of land?”… I thought. However, that is one concept I will never be able to explain in words. I was flabbergasted and my mouth still opens when I look at those pictures.The world is three fourth water and one fourth land.Really? Try a water villa and you may think different.When you are in a water villa… here’s what you feel… This villa is my world and the rest I dont care! 🙂

Maldives is one of the only places where its so easy “not” to get bored even though there are no malls, no shopping centers, no pubs, no crowd on the island you stay in…
“Simply luxurious” &”Complete Privacy”… is what I would use if I were to define this heaven on earth in four words.

Marco Polo, referred to the Maldives as the ‘Flower of the Indies’ and he never even took a plane to see this flower blooming in its full glory.

But I did.

A photo flight around Maldives is nothing short of a dream inside a dream inside a dream. When you come back home after your honeymoon, I guarantee that you will for at least one moment think that you were only dreaming about what you saw the other day on the photo flight.

And so once back slowly over the years we have tied up with over 75 resorts ranging from 3* to 6*. I understand what resort suites you best and will ensure your Maldives experience will be everlasting…Talk to me ….. Cheers!!!

SIGNATURE TOUCH  is operated by Mr Yasin of  Travelstall (International), Bangalore, India. We are here in this field for so many years and we deal with International Tour Operators. We are an IATA Accredited Travel Agency committed to provide total services in travel solutions. We have carved a special niche for ourselves and succeeded in getting clients who expect more than the ordinary run of the mill services and settle for nothing but the best.
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